LDA Peel Region

Chapter Programs:

Social Skills – a group facilitated program for students from grades 1-8. The structure of our program focuses on 4 levels: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced within both junior and senior sections. We use a strengths based approach to promote positive communication skills, while building on the child’s self-esteem. Our program will encourage these helpful social skills by using role-modelling, positive feedback and self-awareness activities.

STATA (Stop, Talk, Ask, Team-Up & Agree) – a group facilitated program for students from grades 1-8. The objective is to teach skills and strategies in positive conflict resolution. The term STATA (Stop, Talk, Ask, Team Up, and Agree) engages students in role playing, self-awareness and self-reflection activities that develop their abilities to deal with emotions, conflicts and disagreements.

Academic Support – provides one-to-one tutoring services for elementary, secondary school students, as well as adults.

Orton-Gillingham – the approach is a powerful tool of intervention used in remediation for individuals with language based difficulties/dyslexia. The program is multi-sensory involving visual, auditory, kinaesthetic/tactile modalities for learning. It is also highly individualized (diagnostic/prescriptive) and focuses on mastering skills prior to developing new skills in areas of decoding, encoding, writing skills, and remediation.

Mindfulness for Kids – a specialized program to teach children about mindfulness and why it can be beneficial to practice. Participants will learn ways to help them be aware and focus on the present through breathing exercises, guided visualizations, and interactive activities.

Mindfulness for Parents and Adults – a program created for caregivers of children and youth with learning disabilities and/or ADHD. We explore mindfulness through breath, bodywork, guided mediation, and expression.

Reading Rocks – a highly successful reading program designed for children and youth with learning disabilities who have difficulty with learning to read using phonics, sight words, and fluency. Children are matched up with a professional tutor who adapts a poster board workstation and literacy program based on each child’s specific needs. This program focuses on a sight reading curriculum for children whose strengths are visual memory, visual motor, or kinesthetic. Reading Rocks teaches 50 high frequency sight words by pointing, touching, cutting, and “doing” and children who previously had difficult reading find great success. Each week, children will set goals and graph their success on their poster board, contributing to motivation and self-regulated learning. Reading Rocks makes reading fun!

Kidz Konnect Summer Camp – is more than your typical camp. It includes different programming to meet the diverse needs of our participants. In the mornings the campers participate in Social Skills and Academic Skills programming run by our Program Facilitators. After lunch, the campers participate in recreational activities that promotes the development of social skills.

Resource Counselling – Parents, families, and adults can meet with our Resource Counsellor to seek information on Learning Disabilities, ADHD, community services and resources, deciphering and reviewing IEPs and Psychoeducational Assessments, and much more!

Workshops for Parents and Adults – Workshops offer relevant topics geared towards parents and adults living with a Learning Disability and/or ADHD.

Psychoeducational Assessments – conducted by partnered Psychologists for Brampton residents. The assessment utilizes a wide variety of methods and tools that educators use to evaluate, measure, and document the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, or educational needs of students as well as behavioural and emotional issues. Educational recommendations and accommodations can then be made to assist with any struggles and to help achieve educational goals.

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