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Video: Building Math Skills at Home

 Click here to access the transcript of this video. Parents of children with learning disabilities (LDs) know that math can present some of the greatest hurdles in their academic careers, yet building math skills is necessary for succeeding in everyday life. We use math for cooking, shopping, playing games, sports and so much more. [...]

Understanding Learning Disabilities: How Processing Affects Mathematics Learning

Understanding Learning Disabilities: How Processing Affects Mathematics Learning, developed by the York Region District School Board, is a Companion Resource to the Understanding Learning Disabilities Waterfall Chart. Referred to as the “math waterfall chart”, this comprehensive resource provides a definition, possible signs, assessment/instructional strategies, environmental strategies and innovative technologies for each processing area in relation [...]

Beyond Social Skills: Understanding Social Competence

What is social competence? Social competence requires more than just social skills; it is a complex and interconnected set of skills that enables us to navigate social interactions and initiate and maintain relationships with others (Stichter et al, 2012). Social competence reflects three areas of functioning, including: Cognitive: understanding social rules, being able to understand [...]

Building Resilience in Youth with Learning Disabilities

by Amy Gorecki, OCT and Eve Dufour, M.Ed. “Resilience (from the Latin resilire: “to bounce back”) refers to the capacity to return to good mental health after challenging and difficult situations. Some researchers define it as the return to normal (or better than normal) functioning after exposure to a high-risk experience (such as abuse, trauma [...]

Supporting Reading Skills at Home: preschool to grade 6

Reading is not an innate or natural process; everyone must learn to read, starting from the basics. Children with learning disabilities (LDs) may progress at a slower rate than other children, but, with the right supports, they can become competent and confident readers. Parents play a significant role in supporting children’s reading development, from a [...]

Surviving Homework: an overview

Homework can be a daunting task for children with learning disabilities (LDs) and their parents. After working and learning all day, spending more time practicing algorithms and perfecting prose is not what many of us envision as quality family time. In fact, homework can be quite frustrating and challenging for parents and children with LDs. [...]

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Seamlessly Transitioning to Summer

For children with LDs and/or ADHD, structure and routine can be key. So how can you help your child successfully transition from the school year, with all of its structure, to the summer, where, for many, anything goes? hosted a twitter chat on this topic on May 17, 2017, and LD@home used this chat [...]

Keeping Records

LD@home has created a School Communication Log for you to keep accurate records of all of your school communications. Whether you choose to fill this out by printing it and filling it out by hand or by using it as a fillable PDF, this communication log can help you to stay organized and make sure [...]