Living with LDs

LD@home knows that Living with LDs can have it’s challenges, but here you’ll find support from experts and our team, as well as inspirational stories to help guide you on your journey.




Expert Advice

Our Expert Advice page is designed to help you interact with our experts and staff around the issues affecting those living with LDs. Your question can be about a parenting challenge at home, a challenge at school or even planning for further education. Our experts include educators working in the classroom and researchers investigating the latest studies in the area. As well, LDAO staff will use the 50 plus years of our experience to guide you.

With every answer, we encourage you to use it as a part of your process, which may also include using other sources from our partners, conducting further research and having conversations with your child and their teachers to formulate a specific course of action. Every child is different, so sometimes trial and error is a key part of finding what works for you.


Personal Stories



Using Differentiation to Support Learning at Home

Written by Martin Smit, Educational Consultant, LDAO If your child has a learning disability (LD), you may be familiar with the term differentiated instruction (DI) or noticed it written in the Individual Education Plan (IEP).  This is an important concept to understand