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What are LDs?

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Living with LDs

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The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO) is represented in local Ontario communities by 15 LDA chapters. Chapters vary from small volunteer-run groups to chapters with several staff and more than one location.

Each chapter has its own board of directors and supports representatives on the Special Education Advisory Committees (SEACs) of local school boards.

All chapters offer information about the community resources and services available to individuals with LDs and their families, as well as information on the rights of individuals with LDs and how to access services. Most chapters run information meetings with speakers which are open to everyone in the community, and many have resource libraries.

Many chapters run programs for children, youth and/or adults with LDs and/or ADHD. The types of programs offered vary depending on local needs and available funding options. Some chapters also run support groups for parents and/or for adults with LDs.