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Parents of children with learning disabilities (LDs) know that math can present some of the greatest hurdles in their academic careers, yet building math skills is necessary for succeeding in everyday life. We use math for cooking, shopping, playing games, sports and so much more. Math is everywhere and parents play an important role in supporting children’s math learning. This video explains how LDs can affect math learning, offers suggestions for collaborating with your child’s school, and includes resources to support your child in building math skills at home.

Parent Resource Kit

This parent resource kit is a companion to the video Building Math Skills at Home and provides parents with information and activities to do with their children to support math learning.


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Webinar: Seeing the ‘Fun and Games’ in Math

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About the webinar:

This webinar focuses on activities that parents can use at home to support their children’s math learning. Some activities offer tools and strategies to help build general numeracy skills (i.e. addition and multiplication) using visual models and games. The webinar also feature tools that can help children with LDs better understand, document, and communicate what they are learning in school.

About the presenter:

Jeff Richardson has been in education for over 25 years. He has enjoyed various roles including four years as a Curriculum Coordinator for the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board, a three-year secondment to Sagonaska Demonstration School (a provincial school for students with learning disabilities), and most recently teaching grade 9 math to students with developmental delays. Jeff has led numerous workshops on assessment and evaluation, mathematics education, and technology with a recent focus on sessions exploring strategies that help students with learning disabilities be more successful in Math. He’s also featured in a Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario video on math manipulative and technology.

Relevant Resources:

Understanding Learning Disabilities: How Processing Affects Mathematics Learning, by the York Region District School Board. Click here to access the resource.

A Teacher’s Journey with Student Self-Advocacy – A Strategy for Parents, by Julia Osborne, Special Education Resource Teacher, York Region DSB. Click here to read the article.

This resource was made possible through a Parents Reaching Out Grant from the Ministry of Education.