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LDMH: A Handbook on Learning Disabilities and Mental Health

The Integra Program is a program of the Child Development Institute (CDI). It is the only accredited children’s mental health agency in Canada to provide mental health services exclusively to children and youth whose mental health issues are complicated by learning disabilities (LDs). In 2016, Integra created a handbook, LDMH: A Handbook on Learning Disabilities [...]

Understanding Learning Disabilities – How Processing Affects Learning

Understanding Learning Disabilities: How Processing Affects Learning, developed by the York Region District School Board, is a comprehensive resource that was originally designed for educators working with students with learning disabilities (LDs), from kindergarten to grade 12. Referred to as the “waterfall chart”, this resource provides parents with information about how processing affects learning. Parents [...]

Accommodations, Modifications & Alternative Skill Areas

The following article provides an overview of accommodations, modifications and alternative skill areas; terms that are commonly used in the school system, and discusses where students with learning disabilities (LDs) fit in. What are Accommodations, Modifications and Alternative Skill Areas? Accommodations are the special teaching and assessment strategies, supports and/or individualized equipment (including technology) that [...]

PPM 8: Identification of and Program Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities

On August 26, 2014, the Special Education Policy & Programs Branch (SEPPB) of the Ontario Ministry of Education announced a revised Policy/Program Memorandum No. 8: Identification of and Program Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities. (Click here to access a copy of PPM 8.) The previous PPM 8 on Learning Disabilities was published in 1982 [...]